Rebels with a cause

We are the rebels of yoga. Because we know that a more free yoga, where we are moving in positions, is better for the body compared to orthodox yoga. No prayers, no incense, no pretentiousness - but we love smoke machines and intriguing lightning. That´s why we run yoga in hotel bars, corporate conferences, burner events and schools.
  YesYoga is different. All the time. We want to reach as many muscle groups and as deep into the body as possible, with a demanding, concrete and fun yoga. Without prestige and competition.
  There is only one perfect position or movement - the one you reach when you do your best. Nobody can do everything, but everybody can do something.    
  We have yoga classes at places of work, schools and gyms.
 Yoga DJ Sessions at festivals, companies and clubs. We produce - Yoga Radio Sessions - conversations about life, love and yoga, mixed with intriguing music. Quite a few of these podcasts are in English, so browse!

Summer yoga burst
 in cooperation with the new urban explorer hotel of stockholm, the downtown camper by scandic,  we continue to reach new groups of people with a relaxed, rhythmic yoga - preferably with a dj. all classes in english - AND THEY ARE FREE OF CHARGE. ALL SUMMER LONG. 3 PM, from 17th of june 5 PM. mats available.
corporate yoga
we come to you with yoga mats plus the most innovative & fun yoga in the city, adapted to your needs - and to what you didn´t know that you needed. if asked for, guided meditation vipassana style can be on the menu.
no mumbo-jumbo but lots of perspiration and laugh. we´ve got plenty of references. prices starting at 1500 sw cr/class. call christian on  +46 708 228982